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So why is this blog called David Miller Imagery rather than David Miller Photography? Because I view photography as more than just taking pictures, I also like to compose images. Some are abstract and some are realistic. Today’s post is going to focus on realistic. Future posts will touch or the more abstract and perhaps even hyper-realistic. For an excellent example of what I mean by hyper-realistic, see Dave Hill’s photography site and the Adventure Series in particular. Dave Hill also has a blog that I enjoy, but he doesn’t post that often.

Often, my photographs have boring skies. Here in California it is quite often sunny and clear, so you get flat, empty, blue skies. This last week, however, we got the edge of our first winter storm. Along with it, we got some outrageous clouds and a beautiful sunset. I took some pictures in case I wanted to replace my sky in some of my other shots.

HDR High Contrast Surrealistic Clouds

When I took these shots, I use my camera’s auto-bracketing feature set at +/-1 stop. That allowed me to use the HDR utility in Photoshop CS5 to get more contrast and detail in the clouds.

HDR Fire Red Couds

Using HDR to get lots of detail and intense color in the clouds

I also used the Auto feature on the Curves filter in PS CS5 to get some interesting effects, especially in the colors.

Auto Curves

A single image upon which I applied Auto Curves PS in CS5 to get interesting colors


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