But Mom, I’m Playing

I love the look of photographs taken in dappled sunlight. Contrast is usually well controlled and the soft filled shadows make people loos so good. That having been said, a little tweaking can sometimes help.

Child - Raw

Picture of a child playing on a break during a hike in the woods. The picture is shown as it was captured in camera.

This beautiful child was playing in the woods near my house. He was having a good time and could not believe he was being asked to start hiking again. The picture captured his look of disbelieve and is quite good, but the bright patch of sun in the bottom left corner was a little distracting.

Child on Hike in the Woods - Processed

Slight color enhancement, contrast, vignetting, and selective sharpening.

In the second image, you can see that the vignetting helps control the distraction of the light patch in the lower left corner. The color and contrast are slightly enhanced. Lastly, there is some selective sharpening of the child’s face. All adjustments were made with adjustment layers and masks, so as to be able to fine-tune the adjustments for various output media.


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