Into the Woods

The woods are so beautiful. The light filtering through the trees gives a magical quality to people down at ground level, but is also spectacular when viewed directly. Even the camera captures it well. The down side is that taking a picture into the sun robs an image of contrast and color saturation.

Sun Through the Trees at Armstrong Woods - Raw

Picture of the sun filtering through the trees at Armstrong Woods

To adjust this image I did the following:

  • Added back some saturation by using a quick run through Lab color space. This involves using curves on the a & b channels.
  • Next, and adjustment layer increased overall contrast.
  • Lens flare was added to increase the flare that already existed in the image. This helps draw the eye to the sun coming through the trees.
  • Lastly, a gradient mask applied to an exposure adjustment layer of -2 stops darkens part of the image that in not intended to be the area of focus.
Sun Through the Trees at Armstrong Woods - Adjusted

Armstrong woods with several adjustments to draw your eye into the treetops

The final product is above. Hope you like it.


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