How to be in a Crowd When You’re All Alone

As promised, here is an explanation of how I made the featured image from my post, In a Crowd When You’re All Alone, on Sunday. Here is the final image again, to refresh your memory.

The final image again from Sunday’s post

  1. Make a copy of the background layer.
  2. Convert the background copy into grayscales. I used a Black & White adjustment filter, but you could also use de-saturate.

    After Black & White filter

    The Portrait After Black & White filter

  3. You may wish to use curves at this point, I didn’t need to because the face in this picture is fairly high key, but the ideal is to have mostly white in your starting layer
  4. Use the KillWhite filter to remove the white areas. Your image should look something like this. Make sure that all other layers are turned off at this point, or you will see the layers below this one showing through from underneath.

    Black & White after KillWhite filter

    Black & White layer after KillWhite filter

  5. Use a *very* soft-edged mask and cut out just the high-contrast features of the face. I didn’t do anything special here.
  6. Copy the face features and leave it on the clipboard – several copies will be needed.
  7. Paste the face features, one each in a new layer, and use the move / transform tool to size and place the face where you want it.
  8. for each face, use a layer mask to remove the hidden or unwanted pieces.
  9. set the blend mode of each layer to overlay and adjust the transparency to taste

That is the whole process. Here is what the faces look like on a white background.

Ghost Faces

This is the collection of faces with a white background.


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