Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana …

Banana plants are incredible! They are one of the first plants cultivated by man.  Banana plants are able to recover from hurricane force winds in a matter of weeks.  Most of all, I love the look of banana leaves! My last two posts had banana leaves in the background, but today, I wanted to make them the feature.

Banana Leaf

A banana leaf illuminated from behind showing shape and texture and a beautiful glow from the sun.

I love the texture… that is the fist thing that hits you. You see the vanes, dirt, scars, and general imperfections in the leaf. The other thing that comes across, but is more subtle is the shape of the leaf. The overall wave form shape oscillating around the more ridged central shaft. I also love the area of focus that dances across the leaf following the contours.

Banana Leaf

A more or less straight-on shot of a banana leaf, illuminated from behind so as to show off the leaf texture.

I also like this shot of a small section of leaf. It shows the leaf texture and would probably bee a good background for something. It is a little flat in color and shape, but that is what would make it well suited for a background.


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