Dancing about Architecture

I am not a huge fan of photographing architecture. If I though architectural photography was that cool, I probably would have considered being an architect and skip the picture. I do, however, appreciate when someone goes to the trouble of designing and creating a beautiful building. This one certainly falls into that category. I was struck my how beautiful it looked, especially with the interesting clouds we had this evening, as I was waiting for the bus.

Building by Bus Stop

This is a building by my bus stop. I liked the clouds and the way the building looked in the indirect evening light.

The picture you see here is raw as it was captured in my phone. If I had a Tilt-Shift lens, I could have made all the angles square. I may be able to do something similar in Photo Shop, but not today, because I got my computer upgraded and I don’t have PS reinstalled yet. I also took several shots, but was never able to get a clean shot without cars. If I combine the pictures, I may be able to clean that up too. It will have to wait until I get PS back.

And if you are wondering about the title of this post, it is from one of my favorite quotes, “Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture”. Here is some information about where the quote comes from by Quote Investigator. Oh and here is one other funny thing about the quote. My daughter was in a dance about architecture. Go figure.


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