… and Then Take a Picture of What is Behind You

As I mentioned yesterday, I got my computer upgraded to Windows 7. It took a while, but I think I have most of my software reinstalled! One of the things that surprised me about the upgrade this time is how many passwords I had forgotten because I let my browser remember them for me. I have been using a password safe, but did not enter all the accounts I needed.

Well, most of the kinks have been worked out now and since I have Photoshop working again, I was able to correct (or more properly compensate for) the perspective on that shot of the building in Oakland from yesterday’s post.

Building - Perspective Corrected

Building – Perspective Corrected

Here is how I got to the picture you see here

  • I took three separate images of the building. I used the panorama utility in PC CS5 to align the images
  • I selected the cleanest portion of each to get rid of most of the people and cars. That white care never moved!
  • I used the free transform tool to straighten the lines in the building
  • I added a curves adjustment layer and used auto
  • I cropped the image.

So what does this all have to do with the featured image? Well, not much. One of the best tips I ever got about improving one’s photography, however, was this. After you take a picture, see what is directly behind you that you are missing. The featured image is this young woman with crazy cool hair.


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