Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies

If you have been reading my blog for any time (not too many of you yet ;-)) you know that I don’t just concentrate on taking pictures or tweaking a picture in Photoshop, but I like to focus on the whole process of creating images. As I mentioned in Composition & Images, “…I view photography as more than just taking pictures, I also like to compose images. Some are abstract and some are realistic.” Today, I have something leaning more to the abstract.

Orange Tree

A composed image made from multiple scans from a flat-bed scanner.

This is a project I did for a class. It is made up of a series of images captured on a flat-bed scanner. The final image consists of about 150 layers. This sounds like a lot, but it isn’t considering that each scanned object is a different layer, and the “grass” is actually a couple pieces of moss that were growing beside my house and that were copied over and over again making up about 100 of the layers.

What I like about the image is how it came together. The people laying on the grass are some of my daughter’s friends. To make them look natural, I had to use the free transform tool to make them look like they were being viewed from above rather than from an angle. I also desaturated and use a lens blur on the people and grass to make them look part of the image.


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