The Path Oft Traveled By

While it may be all fine and good that Robert Frost took the Road Not Taken, the rest of us live in different times. Even the road less traveled by is experiencing quite a bit of traffic these days.

Rooted Path

A path in Armstrong Grove worn to the point that many tree roots are exposed.

This is a spot on one of my favorite hikes in the North Bay. It is at Armstrong Redwoods State National Reserve near Gueneville, CA. It is on the East Ridge trail.

I took this as a series of three shots. I had done some bracketing (nine shots in total) in hopes of using HDR, but the dynamic range was not that big, so ultimately I did not use HDR at all. Further, one of the images seems to be blurred enough to cause issues. I was using a tripod, so I must have shaken the camera when hitting the shutter release. Darn! That will teach me to take only one series.
In post, I simply did a curves to lighten the image some and

In post, I did the following:

  • I use photo merge in PS CS5 to stitch the three images together
  • I used curves to lighten the image some and bring up some of the shadows
  • I use a high-pass filter on a copy of the background layer and set the blending mode to soft light in order to do a little sharpening

That’s it


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