Wherever Flames May Rage

There is a small town, Graton, near my house at the Russian River that has a fire station that I pass sometimes on my occasional early morning drives into the city. It is quite haunting looking with the overall red glow and the fire engines dimly shining from behind the glass doors illuminated by the “ghost” lights burning above.

Graton Fire Station

An early morning shot of Graton Fire Station

This image is not completely successful. First, on this particular evening, someone left some extra lights on in the right bays. Further, the fog, rather than adding an eery feel, just made the place look cold and grey. Not all bad, but not what I was looking for. Lastly, the HDR and exposed lights create ring patterns that don’t transition smoothly.

Here is how it was made:

  • This is an HDR taken with three bracketed exposures. Next time I will try 5
  • I used the HDR Pro utility in PH CS5
  • I corrected for perspective using the free transform tool
  • I used curves to lighten it a little, but not so much so as to lose the saturated colors
  • I cropped the image to get the station a pleasing location.

The title of this post if from the second line of the Firefighter’s Prayer


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