Summer’s Almost Gone

The days are rapidly getting shorter as summer starts to turn into autumn. One of the interesting things that happens in the summer at the Russian River is the erection of summer bridges and dams. With summer ending, and fewer people in the water, the dams are starting to come down. This picture is one of the dams near Guerneville taken at the start of summer

Russian River Summer Dam

Water flowing through a summer dam on the Russian River

The photograph is not the best. The whites are blown out. I took this shot hand held without any real thought to composition or anything. I was just caught up in the moment seeing the water flowing through the wooden stays.

In post, I increased the saturation, did a little vignetting, and a little sharpening. Nothing too extreme, since the shot was never going to be great. I just love the feel it gives with the movement of water.

If you have not listened to the Doors song by the same name as the post, you owe it to yourself.


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