Towering Ambition

I often aspire to capture a great image in camera.I have worked for several years not on both technical and artistic abilities.  As I learn how to use my camera and the techniques it takes to capture my vision, my batting average goes up, but I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with most of my pictures. On some occasions, I do get something that looks like what I had in mind that doesn’t need a lot of work.

Eiffel Tower - Processed

Image of Eiffel Tower with only minor adjustments to sky and trees

This  picture was captured on a point and shoot camera on full automatic mode. Overall I like the the images this camera captures, except that, like most point and shoot cameras, it is a little heavy handed on the sharpening. If you zoom into actual pixel size, you will see what I mean. Not too big a deal in this picture, since there was plenty of light and the ISO noise was also low, so the sharpening didn’t do too much to emphasize the noise. This was one of about 30 pictures I shot of the tower and surrounding area this day. This one did a nice job of capturing the scale of the tower without showing some maintenance that was going on nearer the base.

In post, I did very little. Mostly just small corrections to color and exposure. I isolated the sky with a layer mask and added a blue filter. The original sky was quite nice, I love the clouds, but I thought the sky was a little grey and washed out and could benefit from some more blue.

I also made a slight adjustment to the tree leaves. I lightened them up some, because the large dark patch in the image seemed to me to detract from the featured subject, the tower. The lightening makes the leaves look like they are in shadow, but more open shadows and don’t distract the eye as much.

I have a large print of this in my home, but I did a little coping on that image, mostly to fit it in a frame and provide a nice border. I/m not sure the crop added much, and it is not in what I am sharing with you today.

Here is the original image for comparison purposes. As you can see, the changes are subtle. Just what editing is supposed to be! 😉

Eiffel Tower - Unprocessed

Image before processing


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