Bump on a Log

Overall, I like this picture of Lower Yosemite Falls, but the problem is, I wish the model on the log in the foreground actually occupied more of the foreground. I would also like to get some of the sky. This is the widest angle lens I have, which is why I didn’t get closer to my subject. Retaking this picture with a model that appears to be more that a small bump on an otherwise smooth log will have to wait for a later trip and another lens or some magic I have not yet dreamed up.

Lower Yosemite Falls

Model Jennie on log in HDR picture at lower Yosemite Falls

The image is a composite of three exposure bracketed images. Even when the light is diffuse like it was on this day, the dynamic range of lights and darks in Yosemite valley is too much for my digital sensor. I did use the remove ghosts option to capture the detail in the water.

The idea of returning to Yosemite is not breaking my heart. I cannot get enough of the place and the challenges of photographing the area keep it exciting photographically.


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