Longing for Texture

I read a post by fellow blogger Corey Frye called  On Enduring Texture and Lasting Hold. The topics Corey discusses have been bouncing around through my thoughts for about a day and a half now. So much so, that I came up with this:

Cracked Face

A composite image of a portrait and a photograph of a cracked sidewalk.

We humans are continually growing and changing, but also need connection and stability. It is a strange duality that drives us. I guess what strikes me, after a lot of thought, is that we don’t need the past to stay with us, we simply need to feel connected to the past and to each other. Family, culture, tradition, religion, and art all give us the grounding we need to face the future.

The image took forever to come together. I moved cracks, added cracks, used multiple layers of the same thing with various layer masks. The basics, however, are this.

  • The base layer is a picture of a sidewalk at a bus stop that had cracks and gum and stains from untold spills.
  • As discussed, I moved the cracks and added new cracks to the base layer. I did this by taking copies of the cracks from this and other pictures of the concrete and adding them as new layers with normal blending mode, but with layer masks so I could let only the cracks through.
  • I added a portrait on top with a blending mode of Soft Light
  • I added a color filter adjustment layer to get the sepia color
  • I then added curves to adjust just the portrait
  • I then added a Black and White adjustment layer to make the portrait black and white.
  • I added the portrait and accompanying adjustment layers to a lay group and made several copies, each with its own layer mask, which I used to bring several details out more clearly.



2 thoughts on “Longing for Texture

  1. Excellent processing. The eyes of your subject holds you captive, and with the addition of the texture, it’s almost as if I am looking at a premonition.

  2. Very cool to see an interpretation of what I was talking about David, love the photo. Now I remember why we blog in the first place — to share ideas and make connections!

    Thanks for linking over to me and best of luck to you.

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