Holy Toledo

My daughter is studding abroad in Spain this year. As she does, she takes some great photographs. I can hardly wait to go meet her this summer!

Alcázar de Toledo

Alcázar de Toledo, Toledo, Spain.

As I look at the images, I see some suffer a little from poor weather and lighting conditions. That is the price you pay when you take a trip. The weather and itinerary is not always working in your favor. Fear not! That is why the gods made Photoshop!

This image was a little washed out due to the afternoon gloom of an overcast day. All I did was

  1. Darken the sky with a mask, which was nearly white in the original – The PS equivalent of a graduated ND filter
  2. Correct the color a little. This point & shoot got its white balance off a little. Auto curves did the trick.
  3. I lightly increased contrast. The low contrast setting made the image a little flat
  4. I used the Lab color space to increase the color saturation. I tried the same in RGB simply using saturation, but I got an odd color cast.
  5. I added a cooling filter to the sky to bring back a little more of the blue.

And that was it. I did have to muck around a little with the sky mask. The lack of dark blue in the original image made it more difficult to isolate. What are you going to do. The only thing left is for me to get my daughter to send me the original so I can do the same with the full size image. I grabbed this one off of Facebook.


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